Sharon Elizabeth (Dinges) Hagading began learning astronomy while in grade school. One night, while exploring the night sky, she came upon what she called the “littlest dipper”. Obsessed with learning the name of this new-found constellation, Sharon bicycled to the local library and dug through the astronomy books until she learned that she had just discovered The Pleiades.  The fire was lit, and she devoured all books and magazines about astronomy that were available in the Oconomowoc, Wisconsin library.

— The Left-Brain Path —

Sharon was equally-passionate in college, graduating summa cum laude in Electrical Engineering. She then spent 20 years at a well-known Commercial Energy Management company where much of her time was spent in product development and building automation applications. During this time, she earned her MBA, with highest-honors, in Sustainability and Renewable Energy. Much to her surprise, Sharon’s favorite class was in Leadership – a topic that had initially caused her the greatest concern.

Driven by her desire to share her decades-long knowledge and experience with the next generation of engineers, Sharon joined a small, quickly-growing company, becoming its very first Engineering Manager. This was a time of great personal growth as she embraced Servant-style Leadership, learning just as much from the young engineers in the organization as they learned from her.

Something was now missing, however, as Sharon was no longer spending her days designing and creating new products and applications.  To fill this gap, she pursued her decade-long dream of learning stained glass.  A new fire had been lit and Sharon quickly followed the glass-paved path to fused glass techniques.  Fused glass allowed her to combine creativity, science, engineering, and experimentation.  Red Dog Creations Art Studio was born.

— The Right-Brain Path —

Sharon kept her true calling in the background for the 30 years she studied and then worked as an engineer. While following her intuition and using the process of research and investigation, Sharon discovered a parallel reality – one that was also built on Energy.

Exploring these new – yet ancient – forms of energy and healing became her “after hours” obsession.  She learned Usui Reiki, completing Reiki Master training. Reiki led to Kundalini yoga and IKYTA yoga teacher certification. Meditation, Chakras, Meridians, Ayurveda, Akashic Records, Past Lives, Souls’ Plans, and more became part of this parallel path.

A fascination with Astrology also developed, leading to self-exploration to better understand the sun-sign, moon-sign, and rising-sign influences on a person’s life. All of this remained a hobby, one which Sharon quietly pursued.

— Integrated Alchemy —

The collision of the Left-Brain and Right-Brain paths took place in early 2015 when Sharon worked, for the second time, with a very gifted intuitive. It was during this session that Sharon was introduced to Sacred Geometry and the Chestahedron.  In the months that followed, the dream of becoming a professional artist grew until it could no longer be ignored.

June 2017 was when Sharon boldly stepped away from her engineering career and answered the call of a career in Art, Astrology, and Ancient Wisdom. She is studying Astrology with a leading Intuitive, Evolutionary Astrologer, while actively cultivating her own intuitive abilities.

The newly-released Astrological Fusion ™ artwork represents the Integrated Alchemy of Sharon’s lifetime of study and experience.

— And Finally —

Sharon splits time between her home in Northern Wisconsin at her Acres for Art & Enlightenment ™, her “accidental” home in Southern California, and traveling the country with her dog, Mighty Maya, in their Studio on Wheels (S.O.W.).

She routinely publishes her Ray of Light VLOG on

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