Ray of Light – Fully Emerging from the Cocoon

My commitment to all of us is that I will post a daily audio file as part of Walking my Path of Light.  Brought to you from Acres for Art & Enlightenment, the Northern Wisconsin home of Red Dog Creations art studio.


Today's Tarot card: "Justice" from The Wild Unknown deck by Kim Krans
Justice is today’s Tarot card
Referenced websites for today:

www.RedDogCreationsLLC.com (Sharon’s artwork)
www.Light-of-Astrology.com (Sharon’s Astrology website – in development)

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8 thoughts on “Ray of Light – Fully Emerging from the Cocoon”

  1. What a beautiful way to experience your journey and allow others to follow along with you, Sharon! Your wisdom and embodiment of spiritual concepts comes through in how you explain them. The collective consciousness indeed gets raised as we anchor higher frequencies into recordings, writings, and art; so thank you for including that intent and doing this for All of us. Wishing you more wonderful recordings and looking forward to overlapping paths with you many times more.

    1. Thank you, Jen! I have learned so much from you, already, and I appreciate walking with path with you. It was wonderful to have been inspired to make a reference to the recording that you and Taerie produced regarding the shifting of the poles.

  2. Outstanding! Just perfect Sharon…I am so excited for you…this is just wonderful! Looking forward to your next broadcast.

    1. Thank you, Mom! As my #1 fan from birth, I always appreciate the support and sharing the journey with you

  3. I loved it. Can’t wait to hear more! My favorite quote from this one “not to get really woo woo…”. 🙂

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