Ray Of Light: Filling the Cup of Community

Garage Sale follow-up and reflections on community. Are you filling your cup and the cup of others? Ignoring the cup? Knocking over the cup?

A few audio issues at the end of the recording that I will seek to improve as I hone my audio skills


Today’s tarot card


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3 thoughts on “Ray Of Light: Filling the Cup of Community”

  1. Today’s recording brought back memories of growing up near Chicago, where there were many ethnic communities. I lived in the suburbs which discriminated against certain groups, including not allowing them to live in certain counties. It was enlightening to me, as I ventured out into the world, I found people from these ethnic communities to be very interesting and eventually good friends. Your thoughts hit home…Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Marlene (Mom), for providing a glimpse in to a time not so long ago when discrimination was more “visible” than it is today. Today, one of the attractions of the Chicago-area IS the great diversity of nationalities and cultures. Your incredible open-mindedness set an example for many. I recall when you were our girl scout leader and under your leadership we studied the Jewish culture and Israel, even writing Gold Meir, in her later years.

    1. Our troop received a welcome reply from Golden Meier.

      The Jewish Community Center in Milwaukee was most helpful to our troop. Supplying material on customs, education, posters and more for out International booth.

      Do you recall our making dance costumes and dancing to the beautiful Jewish music as part of our troop’s presentation?

      I feel we all benefited from this event.

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