Ray of Light: Where do You set Your Dial?

Today’s Topic: Where do You set Your dial? Tuning in to the Frequency you want to achieve and maintain.

Today’s Tarot: Eight (8) of Swords


Power vs. Force; The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Solfeggio Frequencies – General

Solfeggios – Wholetones (scroll WAY down for samples of the music) Wholetones

Follow-up to this original post:

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the poem that came through “Nanny V”, pen-name of my friend, Vicki Wartman. After talking with Vicki she told me that while in the middle of doing something else the poem started flowing to her, and that she needed to immediately stop what she was doing and within a few minutes this poem was written.

After the conversation with Nanny V, and really allowing the realization that my dear Lizzie, and / or Spirit sent this message through her and to me, I have been completely overwhelmed.

Nanny V, I believe your initial instincts are correct that this came from Liz… I did not think of it while we were talking, but Liz loved to write poetry…  Thank you, again, for being the conduit for the Universe’s response to today’s Ray of Light.  I now have a printed copy on my office wall, to remind me as I go through each moment of the day.

My Magic Carpet (c) 2017 Nanny V


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4 thoughts on “Ray of Light: Where do You set Your Dial?”

  1. Another interesting topic.

    Two things…. #1 Over the years I have found being thankful each morning, for the good…and the not so good happenings in my life has help to direct the “crooked” path to my personal destination. By the way, as of today, I have not reached that destination.

    #2 Had to chuckle, you know how I detest grocery carts being parked in the middle of an aisle at the store…Usually find myself giving them a “nudge”. Maybe I need to give a peace sign instead…Need to think about this one.

    1. Well… perhaps you need to break the grocery cart habit slowly… good thing you broke the “bumper cart” habit years ago 😉

      Seriously, however, you provide an excellent observation about the winding path of life. The “detours” can provide much richness to our journey and personal development.

  2. I have found that random acts of kindness not only make another person feel better about themselves, it makes me feel good. It lifts my frequency.

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