Ray of Light: Rivers – Flow, Stewardship, Blood of Life

Today’s Recording:

Photo taken while driving along US12 in Idaho.

Today’s Tarot: Wheel of Fortune, Reversed

References for today:

Keepers of the Kern – Kernville, CA: http://www.keepersofthekern.org/

River Children; Adventures in the Town that Disappeared by Barbara Hinkey & Pat McPherson: http://a.co/64LdYVd

Lewis & Clark Highway, US12 in Idaho: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5401618.pdf

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2 thoughts on “Ray of Light: Rivers – Flow, Stewardship, Blood of Life”

  1. Sharon, Thank you for the invitation to join you on your journey. The last few minutes have been the best I have had in some time and you have awakened in me, things I have forgotten or have been covered up by sweat and hard work being a Keeper. When you get back to the Kern, I have your book waiting for you. I am going to share a few words I wrote down in our journey as children on the Kern. I want to do this because those words are parallel to what you have spoken about.

    “Barbara and Pat learned quickly to have the freedom that the current of the Kern River has: to be ever changing and to flow with the course of the eddies wherever they swirl; to stand firm in the rising waters of life, as do the mammoth rocks and boulders which line its banks; to withstand even the wildest of storms, whether that means staying in the main channel or overflowing into the the surrounding environment and still remain part of the original channel; to change and rebuild no matter what occurs within their flow; to always be a child when on the river, to greet it with excitement, anticipation, pleasure, appreciation, respect, adventure, and even fear; to continue to look for treasures, bugs, polliwogs and giant river suckers no matter how old they may be; and forever to be one of the River Children and to pass on the legacy to future generations.”

  2. Your recording today is a beautiful, gentle reminder that we need to allow the flow of life. Thank you for the reminder.

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