Ray of Light: Tending the Lighthouse Fire

Today’s Recording

We choose our destiny when we are born – the date, time, location of our birth defines who we selected to be and the work we chose to do while in this human life.  As I am learning astrology through Leo King Elite I am learning how to read my own natal and pre-natal charts.  Today it became quite obvious that I chose my birth chart to empower me to be a Lighthouse and to truly be all about Love and Light.

Editorial Correction to the recording: the first six signs of zodiac are Aries – VIRGO (not Libra)

Zodiac Signs, the Seasons, and the Ecliptic (map from georgeglazer.com)

Cardinal Signs and Sagittarius

Today’s Tarot: Two of Pentacles

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The Leo King: https://www.facebook.com/theleokingdomoflove/


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