Ray of Light: Location, Location, Location!

Today’s Recording: 

What part of the world “calls” to you?  What part of the world do you dislike?
Your like / dislike of these places is actually be pre-destined “in the stars” when you were born.

My Natal Astrocartography:

Today’s Tarot:


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2 thoughts on “Ray of Light: Location, Location, Location!”

  1. Sharon, perhaps this will mean something to you, but something stopped your recording while I was listening at right around 14:10. Kicked me completely out. Weird

    1. I am not sure what happened, Vicki. I am listening to this, again to see if there is a glitch.

      If anyone else has trouble, please let me know.

      Vicki, in case the issue is only in your end I sent you a Dropbox link of the audio file.

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