Ray of Light: YOU have Plans for You

Today’s Recording:
Your Soul has a plan for you – and the Hawk Spirit Animal is ready to assist.  Today’s Ray of Light provides resources for better understanding the plan you had for your Soul in this Human Lifetime.

Today’s Tarot: Ace of Pentacles, Reversed:

Spirit Animals: Also known as Totem Animals, Animal Guides, and so forth

Hawk Spirit Animal  

Deer Spirit Animal 

Reading / Listening:

Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz

Wayne Dyer: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose & Discovering Your Infinite Light

The Impersonal Life: Joseph Brenner

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2 thoughts on “Ray of Light: YOU have Plans for You”

  1. Good Morning,
    The words you are given, cease to amaze me. They encourage me to listen and dig deeper into their meaning. After my son’s sudden death seven years ago, I had lost my purpose and even a part of my soul. I was quite lost, however, I made the decision to move ‘back home’. Upon doing so, I rambled for 4 years wondering what I was to do now that I was here. I renewed my relationship with my river, my community, and my past, but I kept searching into the future. Then I found my soul purpose per chance when I stumbled upon my river crying for help. It has become my soul purpose and I carry it proudly, like the stag showing off his antlers. Knowing that by exhibiting my strengths and integrity could bring a negative impact on my soul, I gathered all I had to bring it all into the light. In this process of discovering my purpose, I have learned to love ‘me’ and to accept what others do and say with a ‘so what attitude’ keeping love first. Today when I was feeding my soul purpose by helping clean up a small plot of land at Keyesville, a Hawk circled high above me as I approached a very uncomfortable area that was littered with unacceptable debris. I felt like giving up, but the Hawk stayed right over me until the job had been accomplished. It was an awesome feeling knowing that I had stayed with it in spite of the frustration involved with the abuse and carelessness. Thank you for your love and light.

    1. Oh my goodness, Barb, it seems I was picking up on you and your hawk while the two of you were together this morning. There is no question that this topic was given to me while you were being given strength from this spirit animal. The importance of the work you are doing through Keepers of the Kern cannot be overstated. I always appreciate our conversations – about the pain of losing someone close to us, the need to care for Mother Earth, the need to find ways to educate, and to courageously walk our soul’s path. I look forward to joining the Keepers of the Kern in early September when I am back in the area.

      I thank you for your love, light, and courage.

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