Ray of Light: Caution – Circuit Overload!

Today’s Recording:
Taking the time for Reflection is beneficial at this time, allowing you to integrate information, knowledge, and experiences.  This is necessary to avoid information overload and confusion, possibly leading to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Transformation to Personal Wisdom and Power, can then take place, allowing you to rise again in greater awareness and understanding.


Today’s Tarot Spread
Today I was given direction to use a five card spread of “my” own design.  My guides led  me to lay out the cards starting first in the center – the Earth / human view.  Then, to lay out the cards in a counter-clockwise direction starting with the (AC) Eastern, “Ascendent” position, using the approach for creating Astrological charts.

Brain with Sparks Photo credit: http://cdn.analyteguru.com/uploads/2014/08/brain-with-sparks

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