Ray of Light – Spinning – Activate Your Energy Centers

Today’s VIDEO:Today is a new adventure – using video to share today’s Ray of Light so I can demonstrate a technique known as “spinning”.  Author Barbara Marciniak teaches the technique in her book, Bringers of the Dawn.  In my personal life I have begun to incorporate this technique – starting slowly and staying within my physical comfort zone.

Barbara Marciniak shared that spinning is used to activate and strengthen the energy centers in your body – your chakras.  I feel that this technique is also a powerful way to activate and strengthen your Light Vehicle – the Merkaba.  Today’s featured image is of the Merkaba necklace that I wear when I am deliberately working on the activation of my personal Merkaba.

Warning: practice spinning at your own risk.
If you have any physical or other limitations please consult with your medical professional before beginning.
Information shared on AwakeningLight.net is for entertainment purposes, only.
You are responsible for determining whether the information and techniques shared are appropriate.

Tarot: No tarot card nor nor spread today as I was given the message that today’s spread was for my personal information, only.

Spinning technique reference: Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak

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